Partner with Me


My consulting and therapeutic services are centered on my areas of expertise in childhood psychological disorders, parenting, and behavioral modification.

 Please understand that I am not in the business of keeping clients around for long periods of time.  My goal for each client is to partner with me so that you can “fire me” as soon as possible. This does not mean that you and your child are perfect or that all your problems are resolved. It means that you have a simple and yet effective treatment plan that you are consistently implementing, and as a result are experiencing progress. This partnership is just that, a partnership, and if you are serious about positive change then please contact me.



Arrange a 60-90 minute assessment of your child in your home environment.  The goal of the initial appointment will be to complete a thorough functional assessment of behavior(FAB). Each family will be provided a report that identifies a behavioral goal area and specific target behaviors to decrease or eliminate. A baseline of frequency, duration, and intensity will be established to determine the effectiveness of the treatment plan.  Triggers, social skill deficits, and environmental factors are just a few of the key components of behavioral modification that will be identified to address. Ultimately, the awareness of the function of a child’s behavior, is key to changing problematic behavior.

Many parents have trouble with their children’s school behavior and seek consultation. The completed FAB and treatment plan can be shared with the classroom teachers, day cares, and IEP teams to help support their child in their academic environment.



Hire me and you will receive ongoing support.  Best practice indicates supporting parents and children in their environment(Best practice).  Once the assessment and treatment plan are completed,  I can support parents and the child with the implementation of the plan. To be most effective and affordable, I believe therapy needs to be provided in the child’s environment. This service allows observation of the child in real-time and provides training, modeling, and immediate feedback. Working together as a team with the family and child, we can develop a practical transition plan, to eventually  “fire me” (positively), based on the family’s understanding and ability to implement the treatment plan and adjust as needed.



Schedule a class or seminar which can be customized to meet your group’s needs.

My parenting class will focus on teaching parents a functional analysis of behavior which will help parents to develop an individualized plan to decrease or eliminate maladaptive behaviors that their child has developed. Part of that plan will include specific interventions, skill development, positive reinforcement, and crisis management.

Professional Seminars will focus on educating in the area of child development and behavior modification and is available for any group of professionals or volunteers. The seminar’s focus is how to complete assessments, functions of child behavior, and effective skill development that addresses many different mental health diagnosis like depression, anxiety, ADHD, and oppositional defiant disorder.  The seminar can address serious behaviors that the children in our communities are facing today like cutting and other self-injurious behaviors, suicidal ideation, and aggressive behaviors. A key component of the seminar is crisis management, teaching adults how to de-escalate a child in distress.



If you are like my wife and I, you lay awake at night and wonder how in the world you are supposed to parent your kiddos (we aren’t even into the teenage years).  Parenting can be very rewarding, yet there are periods of time that can be very challenging and can lead to questions like:

Why can’t we get our child to behave?

Why do I feel like I want to take a long vacation and never come back?

How do I get my child to become more compliant?

Why does my child not have many friends?

Why is my teenager so unhappy all the time?

3 Reasons You should Call me Today

You need a specialist: someone who works with some of the most challenging children on a daily basis and has helped thousands of families develop unique plans to address many difficult behaviors.

You need a new voice: You have tried everything I know… but maybe not. I can provide new and fresh ideas and perspective.  I can give you more than “Just try bubble breathing and count to 10”.

• You want to save money: I’m not in the business of keeping clients forever.  I value my money and I know you do too. I will motivate you to learn the plan so that you will soon have the confidence to “fire me” and once again be a healthy and happy family.


You and I are a lot alike…

I have 3 kids ages 5, 3, and 6 months.  There are days… wait months, that I can hardly remember my name let alone try to control my frustration due to my 2 boys. I love them so much, yet when they have just gotten out of bed for the 8th time when I have repeatedly told them that the rule is to stay in bed, I can get extremely frustrated.  It may sound like a petty issue, but in the middle of it… going on now for 3 years… it can get draining.

Before children, I had 5 years of serving families by watching over their children in a group home.  I felt the pressure to be a surrogate parent and take care of 6 behavioral challenged boys. Boys who were defiant, hyperactive, depressed, experienced trauma, engaged in cutting, suicidal, aggressive, diagnosed with autism…..And yet , at there very core, they were the sweetest, creative, passionate, and kind boys.  I just had to find these traits and bring it out of them.  This process included nights of frantic phone calls, driving to the house at 1am to calm the scared child screaming at the top of his lungs under his bed, reading a story to a boy at then end of long 12 hour work day. Your story is unique to you and so is mine, but in many ways we are the same.

Nobody really told me and I did not ask about how difficult parenting would be.  There are moments I ask myself why I became a parent. When I contemplate this question, I always come back to the precious moments, the times my children ask me to read to them, wrestle with them, and tell me out of the blue that they love me.

You are Not Alone

Fortunately you are not the only parent in this world that can’t quite seem to figure out how to help your child or teenager. The difference between you and most parents is that you are going to do something to fix that.

Today is the day that you can take control and come up with a plan, focus and work hard, and in the end you will have a story to tell other parents and can guide them into how to mold and guide our future generations.


l look forward to working with you.


Landon Leathers